Do Apples Rot In The Refrigerator?


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Yes, apples still rot when they're stored in a refrigerator - albeit at a slower rate than if they were left out on a counter-top.

Apples rotting in refrigerator One of the biggest contributors to food 'going off' is bacteria.

Bacteria can be found everywhere: On the surface of our food, on our hands, in our fridges, on our table-tops.

The trick to making food safe for us to eat is to reduce or restrict the number of bacteria on our food to a safe level. This can be done through a number of techniques, including refrigeration.

Storing apples in a cold environment reduces the rate at which the bacteria on them are able to reproduce. This doesn't mean that the bacteria stop reproducing altogether, but rather that it happens at a slower rate.

This has the effect of delaying the formation of mold and subsequent rotting for at least a few days.

How apples rot Although you might not be able to notice it, apples are constantly letting off gas! This gas is called ethylene, and is central to a fruit's ripening process.

Even when refrigerated, apples emit ethylene - and this is what causes them to ripen, soften and then rot.
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Apples will keep for a long time in the refrigerator, however, after a period of time, they will dry up, and began to rot.

Apples can be sliced, put in freezer bags, and stored in the freezer.

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