Will Bananas Brown Faster On The Counter Or In The Refrigerator?


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Our hypothesis is that the banana placed on the counter-top at room temperature will brown faster.



The Procedure:
We plan to choose two bananas from the same bunch (in the front). We will place one on the counter and the other in the refrigerator. Our room temp. Is around 68 degrees and the refrigerator temp is around 40 degrees. We will monitor the bananas for 7 days (all the time allowed) and record our results in a notebook. We then must create a project board and chart.


We hope the result confirms our hypothesis. So far, we are right. We are on day 6 and the counter top banana is browning somewhat faster than the refrigerator. However, it is becoming "mushy", while the refrigerator banana is browning slower, it is still "firm".
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The reason a banana rots in the fridge than on the counter is because the bananas can only take an amount of temperature before it rots. Room temperature doesnt have enough strength to make it rot
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If bananas get cold they will turn brown very quickly, like that day. I never put my bananas by cold food when bagging at the store or where they touched they turn brown by the time I get home. Hang your bananas on the counter so they don't touch the counter. I have a "banana tree" a stick with a hook and they hang on that. I also have seen little banana hammocks. That apple in a bag response is actually how you speed ripen other fruit. Don't do this with bananas.
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The bananas do not hold up well when they are in the cold, it is a tropical fruit. The peel will turn brown fast. On the counter top it turns spotted first and that is when it is at its best. When it turns brown it is too soft under the peel and starting too rotten.
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In the refrigerator because of the cold temperature it makes the bananas brown faster
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Bananas rot faster in the open than in the fridge, but it has a risk of freezer brn if the fridge is too cold
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The fridge will brown faster. But, the skin will look horrid, and the banana itself taste just fine. Best to get a banana hanger and leave on counter.
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Tropical and subtropical fruits and fear of hypothermia,  their growth areas and climate-related. Generally, in warm regions, especially the growth of fruit cultivation in summer than in cooler climate regions and the growth of autumn fruit and low temperature cultivation of the ability to worse. Bananas are tropical fruit.
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But your banana's in a brown bag with apples that's how they last the longest:)

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I think they will brown faster on the counter because it is at a room temperature and the one in the refrigerator stays nice and cold and fresh
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On the counter because like if it is on the counter it is just sitting out but in the refrigerator it is like fresh even though it may darken the peel

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