Is Drinking 16 Glasses Of Water A Day Suitable For A 14-year-old Girl?


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Drinking loads of water is really good but drinking too much water can be dangerous. For a 14 year old girl 12 glasses of water are more than enough. You must know that drinking too much water enhances your blood volume which puts unnecessary burden on your heart and circulatory system. Excess intake of water can also damage our kidneys.
Don't let a 14 year old child drink more than 12- 13 glasses of water.
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Nice answer. I used to drink a lot water as well, maybe i should control a little bit.
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Excessive thirst can be a sign of underlying health problems. See a doctor.
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Drinking water 16 glasses of water is not, need not worry about that, the more you drink more you will be healthy.
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No that may be too much. Drinking too much water has a similar effect of alcohol. It can cause health problems. Limit it to eight glasses.

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