What Are Good Finger Foods?


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For kids?  P-butter n jelly sandwiches with crusts cut off and cut in squares or use a cookie cutter for shapes.   Pizza rolls are awesome.  rolled up hams and cheese or other deli meat. Crackers, pickles Olives chips n dip.  Tortilla chips and cheese dip.  Lots n lots of choices have fun with it.  A bowl of skittles or M&M's is pretty and tasty. 
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I would say that you want them to eat healthy for the most part. Fruit and  vegetables, maybe the softer veggies, and then you can make little cubes of cheese, pretzel sticks, cereals that can be picked up easily, stuff like that, maybe you can find a recipe for finger jell-o too. Hope this helps, have fun.
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I would suggest veggies with dip, fruit, mini hot dogs, fondue, crackers, chips, or ice cream sandwiches.

Hope this helps!
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Chicken fingers, grilled cheese, tuna melts, french fries, chips, shrimp, veggies, sandwiches, soup, cookies, and milk.
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Is it for children or adults? Celery with cr. Cheese and raisins (ants on a log) veggie pizza use croissant rolls for your crust, mix mayo,garlic powder, and cr. Cheese for the "sauce" cop raw veggies and top with a sprinkle of seasonal and serve cold.

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