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Alpiste, aka canaryseed, is a food supplement which is claimed to help maintain a healthy weight. It is also said that it supports normal health of the heart, blood vessels, liver, kidneys and pancreas. To date, however, there has been very little scientific study of canaryseed benefits for humans, so use for these purposes is not yet substantiated.
Although Alpiste has not been proven to help by specific diseases or health conditions it contains nutritional properties of Silica Fiber Free canaryseed that may support normal health.

One 2004 study found canaryseed has antioxidant activity close to that of vitamin C. Plant sterols and certain esters of caffeic acid (which is unrelated to caffeine) may contribute to canaryseed's antioxidant activity.

Canaryseed has ninr grams of protein per five tablespoon serving (measured dry). This is 18 per cent of the US Recommended Daily Allowance. Analysis of canaryseed protein found proportionately high levels of arginine, tryptophan and phenylalanine. Canaryseed appears to have considerably more arginine than most grains - falling closer to quinoa, amaranth and some legumes - and a low ratio of lysine to arginine.

Beware that you should not confuse Alpiste with the canaryseed sold as bird food as it may contain potentially dangerous silica fibers on the hull. Several peer-reviewed scientific studies have indicated that human consumption of flour contaminated with these silica hairs is linked to esophageal cancer. Silica inside the lungs and throat may cause health problems. So, do not consume canaryseed bought from animal stores!
Southern Africa, northeast Iran and northern China have unusually high incidences of esophageal cancer, and several studies have indicated that consumption of flour contaminated with canaryseed "hairs" (spicules) may be a contributor. It is possible that the sharp, needle-like shape of the silica spicules on traditional canaryseed hulls may contribute to cell damage in the throat that may lead to cancer. But before you start to worrying about canaryseeed, please note that the 'hairless' (glabrous) varieties do not have these spicules at all.
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Lowering cholesterol and blood pressure
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Hau to drink Alpiste water

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