How Long Does It Take To Digest Noodles?


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When you eat noodles, it can take anywhere between 4-12 hours for noodles to pass through your stomach.

In total, it'll take about a day for noodles to travel from your mouth to your anus.

How long does it take to digest noodles?
After enjoying a bowl of Ramen or Yakisoba, you might be tempted to sit back and wonder how long the tasty noodles will be spending in your body before they are fully digested and evacuated.

Everyone's digestive system works at different rates, so it's difficult to give an accurate figure for how long noodles spend in your digestive tract.

As soon as you gobble down your noodles, saliva in your mouth begins breaking down the food through the use of enzymes.

Because noodles are mainly made up of carbohydrates, they take less time to break down than fats, proteins and nutrients.

The type of noodles you're eating also has an effect on how long they take to break down.
Noodles can be made of many different things (buckwheat, egg, rice), so the more chemically complex they are, the longer it takes your stomach to process them.

If you're interested in how your body digests noodles, why not check out the following video of Ramen noodles going through someone's digestive tract:

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