What Is Kylie Minogue's Favorite Food?


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According to Cosmopolitan and other celebrity-obsessed magazines, Kylie enjoys dark chocolate, and also regularly drinks red wine.

This is based on the fact that she often resorts to the GI (or glycemic index) diet to maintain her sexy figure.

What does Kylie Minogue like eating?

According to one internet source, the Aussie star is also very fond of prawns.

As mentioned above though, Kylie is known to be a fan of the GI diet, which involves eating slow-release food groups which allow the eater to control their blood-sugar level.

Some tabloids have even gone as far as to suggest that Kylie has an eating disorder, and that her petite frame is due to her eating ice cubes flavored with lemon or lime.

In my opinion, this is just a slanderous lie designed to tarnish the image of the pop princess. In actual fact, Kylie probably eats many of the same types of food that most people eat.

She was recently photographed coming out of a Mexican fast-food restaurant in Soho, Central London (pictures here) and she's even been caught eating Doritos off the prosthetic beer-belly of hunky actor Joe Manganiello (sounds too crazy to believe? Check out the Mail-Online article about it!).
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Although this is quite debatable, it's a largely accepted belief among fans that Kylie Minogue's favorite food is prawns. She is also said to love chocolate.

Kylie Minogue is said to be Australia's best export.

She shot to fame in the late 80's when she made her television debut on hit show; 'Neighbors.' She followed this up with a very successful career as a pop singer, and won accolades for her talent - including numerous Grammy awards and nominations.

Some of her hit singles were 'The Loco-motion', 'Tears on my pillow', 'Can't get you out of my head' and 'Love at first sight'.

Just recently, she came into the news after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, she's been campaigning and trying to spread awareness about the cause.
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Her favorite food is cheese and onion pasties.
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