What is your favorite food truck treat?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Nothing that I can remember that was any good. Except for the Mexican one that came around here and there with real Mexican tacos ! Those were great ! Usually were my dinner too !

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Ancient One answered

Food trucks abound in certain cities.You can find anything from a burger to Kimche, to pizza to any ethnic food group you can think of. In some cities they have established "food truck" parks. Where a vendor can get a permit and park there at certain times of the day and evening and folks would drive miles to the food truck park. They are usually in a "covered wagon" type of circle with picnic tables they all care for and maintain. Folks park their cars outside the circle. Think of it as an "outside food court". It is fantastic. You can get a taste of so many foods it is amazing.

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hey cameron answered

I didn't know food trucks were so uncommon in some places, but around here we have like a food truck festival night every week where they all gather at the park parking lot. I've tried a lot of them. The Mexican food ones are always the best, but the ones that have shawarma and Turkish stuff are good too. :)

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otis campbell answered

Oh no roach coachs bad food from those things

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Kris Horton answered

I love Gillies Fresh Gulf Fare Food truck everything is made fresh to order they don't skimp on anything grilled or fried everything is delicious very flavorfull I'd recommend give it a try.

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