What is your least favorite food?


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Mayo. Just . . . Blech.

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Izzy SouthernGirl
It isn't that bad.
Maura Gillies
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I don't know why I hate it, I just do :) Sucks because everytime I try to buy a baguette or a sandwich or something, it'll have some sort of freaking mayo!!
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Hey Rooster and Izzy and a few others I'm very very very very very very very very very very very sorry for spamming you
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I'm going to go with liver, although I have eaten it a few times - it's not something I'd order in a restaurant.

I'm not a big fan of okra. They're kind of slimy.

Black pudding is really popular here in the UK, but that's one thing I can't stomach! It's basically pork fat and congealed blood... Why would anyone eat that?!

Also marmite... I just don't get it.

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Seafood...it's just...ugghhhh. As soon as I smelled the scent of seafood, I hated it.

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