What's Your Favorite Type of Restaurant? Diner, Buffet, Gastropub, Steakhouse, Fast Food Restaurant, Pizzeria, Café, Drive-In, Food Truck?


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Being from Florida, it is a seafood restaraunt. Nothing like seafood for dinner that came off the boat that day.

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Italiano for me please!

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I love a great Italian bistro. Also gastropubs and authentic Irish pubs are great!

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All of the above. I would love a juicy steak right now, but as the saying goes: "Variety is the spice of life". I simply love discovering and devouring delicious food, no matter where it comes from or how it's served.

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If we consider "Café" as a type of restaurant, then I am choosing it. As for the place for having a dinner, I will always prefer to stay at home and cook something to my loved ones. :)

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Fast food. Although now here in the Netherlands it's almost nine 'o' clock so thinking about eating right now makes me feel nasty. Like if it was four times as bad i would have thrown up. (don't search "nasty" on google images, cuz that stuff is, in fact, REALLY nasty. Trust me, I've done it. (why I did that, I dunno).

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NOOOOOO Buffets! Being a "germ-a-phobe" in recovery.... (lol) the thought of everybody's nasty hands on the serving utensils as well as their nasty breath all over the choices..... NO THANK YOU!!! LOL!

I am kind of into "Chili's" right now.... What does that fall under?

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