As A General Rule, What Minimum Number Of Calories Is Necessary To Ensure Nutritional Adequacy In An Eating Plan For Reducing Body Weight?


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 About 1,000 calories a day is what you use when you go on the "slimfast" diet. It is extremely healthy to eat around 1,000 calories a day. (Not saying to do slimfast, because slimfast is just normal food limited into calorie groups.) As long as you stayin the 1,000 range you are good, that is if you are wanting to stay healthy and possibly lose weight. If you don't want to lose weight and want a regular estimate it is probably around 1,100 calories. Hope this helps!
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Start by drinking 1 litre of plain water every morning before brushing your teeth and slowly increase the intake upto 1.50 litres. This cleanses your body and gets the blood flowing.
Drink lots of water before a meal which would naturally reduce your appetite for food. This is one way of reducing your weight without medication and exercise. I guess if you follow this routine for about 3 months you would find a noticable difference to your waistline. I recmonded you Macro calculator android app through this you get results about Managing your weight .

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