Can You Eat Walnuts From A Black Walnut Tree?


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Oh yes!--You can east them and they are delicious!  They are harvested in the fall, and have a green kind of fleshy covering.  Inside of that is the walnut "shell that is black and rough, and inside that is the nutmeat. They are delicious, and they are fine to eat when they "look" like walnuts on the inside.  You will know when you see them, and they are always OK to eat this time of year in the US.  The only poisonous or potentially dangerous part of a black walnut tree is its roots.
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I myself cannot stand Black Walnuts, they leave a bitter like tast in the mouth, and it hits the glands towards the back of your throat. I do like English Walnuts. You just might like them. Give them a try.
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Yes. When I was small, we had a black walnut tree in our backyard. When it comes off the tree, it is covered with a thick green  covering. As they dry out, and the covering cracks, and you can take the nut out of the hull.   They make delicious cakes, and are extremely expensive if you are lucky enough to find them.
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