Are Walnuts Real Nuts?


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Yes. Walnuts are really nuts. Walnuts, as well as coconuts and almonds all belong to the stone fruit group - as do peaches. They are very similar to the seed that is in the middle of the fruit. The "nut" forms a "stone" (corresponding to the peach stone), which has a soft interior that contains cyanide and is thus poisonous for human beings (believe it or not). The flesh (or skin) of the "fruit" of the walnut is greenish white in color and is not edible. This is part of the fruit that contains the cyanide and is poisonous. This skin part will break completely open and begin to rot when the nut becomes ripe.

So, Walnuts are real nuts. They start out as part of a poisonous fruit. When the fruit opens and rots, the nut will be ripe and ready to be washed, prepared, and consumed by human beings.
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No. Walnuts are not true nuts. Along with almonds and pecans, walnuts are the seeds of Drupe fruits. The exocarp and mesocarp are generally removed, except in the case of pickled walnuts in which the fruit is harvested before the ovary wall lignifies. The fleshy part of the fruit contains the toxic chemical juglone.

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