Are Ginkgo Nuts Edible?


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Yes Ginkgo nuts are edible. They are used in Asian, especially Japanese, cuisine usually either roasted or grilled. They are the fruit of the Asian Ginkgo tree. Oval in shape, a pale green and similar in size to the average olive, the nuts are used for dessert and in savoury dishes. The Ginkgo nut is also used in traditional Chinese medicine and nowadays by Western herbalists. It is prized for its power to dilate blood vessels and is considered to be useful in preventing and treating circulatory disorders and in improving concentration and memory. The seeds and the kernels are regarded as delicacy in some regions. Ginkgo trees are common in urban areas in Asia as they have a good track record in surviving high levels of pollution. The trees originated in China but came to he Uk via Japan in the 19th century. Kew Gardens has a fine specimen which was delivered there in 1762.

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