What Are The Different Types Of Edible Seaweeds?


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Sea asparagus is harvested here in Kelsey Bay/Sayward BC Canada and is awesome pickled!
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There are seven edible seaweed kinds that I know of, what you can eat:

Dulse (Rhodymenia palmata)

Green seaweed (Ulva lactuca)

Irish moss (Chondrus crispus)

Kelp (Alaria esculenta)

Laver (Porphyra species)

Mojaban (Sargassum fulvellum)

Sugar wrack (Laminaria saccharina)
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Seaweed has traditionally been used as a food source in several places especially in East Asia and South East Asia; seaweed is eaten in various forms in coastal areas of Japan, China, Indonesia, Korea and Philippines. In other places like in Ireland, Scotland and Wales in the UK seaweed was used as food in olden times though the practice is still seen in some parts like for example laver bread is made in Wales using red seaweed.

The different types of edible seaweed are carola (South America), karengo (New Zealand), ogonori (Japan), laver, dabberlocks and aonori among others. In some places seaweed is specially harvested as a source of food to be used in different sea food dishes especially in Japan. The red algae seaweed known as Porphyra or nori is the most widely used edible sea weed with Japan being the largest producer on a commercial scale.
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this is true but also seaweeds alginates within the plant contains colloids or specifically hydrocolloids to make preservatives and additives for all types of foods

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