Can You Buy A Mild Tasting Blue Cheese?


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Blue cheese is characterized by its pungent aroma and taste; the unique flavor of blue cheese comes from the penicillium molds introduced in the cheese when it is in curd form. The strong taste of the cheese increases as it ripens and hence it is better to consume blue cheese within a few days of purchase for a milder taste. Mild blue cheeses are soft and creamy in texture while pungent blue cheeses are more crumbly.

Some of the mild tasting blue cheeses are Saga blue made in Denmark and the United States, Montbriac primarily made in France, Gorgonzola especially the one manufactured in Italy, Danish Blue, Blue Castello, Fourme d'Ambert from France, Cambazolo, made in Germany and one of the mildest of the blue cheeses, Bleu de Bresse, Bleu d'Auvergne made in France, Bavarian Blue from Germany and Stilton. Blue cheeses are primarily made from cow's or goat's milk; they should be served at room temperature to bring out their distinct flavor.

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