Does Oats Mixed With Milk Reduce Fat In Our Body?


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Lisa michalski answered
Oats have a caloric count and its 150 the calories from fat are 25 when you add reduced fat milk you must add the calories of the milk to your oats,and if you use butter or margarine the fat calories go up,but not by much,so if you are talking about a bowl of oatmeal with the fixings you are looking at a total calorie count of 150 to 225 which means less fat is being consumed with this meal,and like nascarnut said it does reduce your cholesterol levels by as many as 18 points if you eat this for breakfast at least two weeks,and not a traditional one such as eggs bacon,toast,hash browns or sausages.hope this helped.
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Steven Vakula answered
The oats are supposed to reduce cholesterol and since they are also a roughage they make the food go through you system which aids in loosing weight. Milk has a lot of fat so you would need a no-fat or low-fat milk to help.
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Yes, and it lowers cholesterol too, one of the best breakfast foods out there for you. Hope this helps.

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