Developing Healthy Eating Habits? 1. It's Generally Recommended That Athletes Consume Approximately _______ Percent Of Their Daily Calories From Fat. A. 90 C. 30 B. 60 D. 10 2. Appetite Is Not Linked To A. The Aroma Of Food. B. The Taste Of Food. C.


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Sports beverages should ideally contain  water sodium and caffine ,or water sodium and calcium or water protein calcium and magnesium or neater then if neater I have my last qustion is my answer
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You want the truth, you can't handle the truth.  Seriously though, you should study harder and if still stuck with the answer, make a logically organized post requesting help. If you don't care about asking a clear set of questions, why should I go and find you an answer that you should be able to get for yourself?

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