How Many Calories Should A Man Consume Daily?


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Consuming under 2000 calories is not recommended as a male needs just about that much energy to get through the day.  Now, males with active lifestyles will undoubtedly burn more than 2000 calories per day. If losing weight is a goal, try to minimize the calories around 2000/day and see how you handle yourself in terms on energy and feeling of hunger. Your body will feed off of fat stores when food energy is unavailable, so work on a comfortable balance that  keeps you well nourished with healthy foods.

I am a lean, lightweight male who weighs 170 pounds.  I have an active lifestyle (exercise daily) that causes my caloric needs to be around 2500 for the day.  There are days that  I consume less   and days I consume more than 2500 calories.  I am in good health, and my cholesterol and weight are in healthy ranges.  

If you are super active and in shape, you will HAVE to consume well over a 2000 calorie/day limit to fuel all of your activity. Than
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Christy Muller answered

Anywhere between 2,200 - 3,000 calories on average.

It really depends on how much the main weighs.

To maintain your weight, you need to take your weight and multiply it by 15 to find your maintenance calories.

A 150 pound man would need 2,250 calories/day to maintain their weight (150 x 15 = 2,250)

A 200 pound man would need 3,000 calories/day to maintain their weight (200 x 15 = 3,000)

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