Does Milk Have Almost As Much Sugar In It As Coke?


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Only Coke bottled in Mexico or other countries outside the USA use sugar.  The Coke products made in the USA are made with a cheaper sweetener called "high fructose corn syrup," which is based on corn and synthetic enzymes along with other chemicals.  

There are many concerns about the health effects of HFCS, since it is not broken down in he body the same way sucrose is.  Studies have found it leads to deformities in test animals, and other studies suggest a link to cancer.  Also, it doesn't satisfy your thirst as well as the original sugar based Coke does, and in the end you will drink more HFCS product, which leads to weight gain.  

HFCS advocates claim "we're only as bad as sugar" but this is not so.  It is likely responsible for the obesity epidemic in the American population and should be avoided.  Read your labels.  HFCS is in jellies, breads, cookies and most other soda products.  It does take effort to avoid, but you will be rewarded if you do so.

Let's put it another way, HFCS is not something you would have found in your Grandmother's kitchen.  She would not recognize it as food.

The original sugar based Coke bottled in Mexico is available at Costco.  It tastes much better and is so much more refreshing.


And another;

And if you want to see how HFCS is made, see the DVD documentary "King Corn."

Heard enough?

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Update: I just received a response after emailing Hansens Soda. They have replaced HFCS with cane sugar.
Here is their response;

Thanks for visiting the Hansen’s website. In November 2007 Hansen’s Beverage Company changed the formula and took out the HFCS. We now sweeten our Natural Soda with Real Sugar. The distributors may still have some of the Hansen’s Soda in stock that contains HFCS. There is still stock left and they will sell those first. The transition is still taking place.

We are very proud to have removed the HFCS from our sodas and hope that you and your family will enjoy them for a long time.

Lori @ Hansen’s
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Carbohydrate – When it comes to fiber and complex carbohydrates, milk is not a contender. It contains sugar, lactose to be specific. Approximately 5% of milk is sugar, and not the fun sweet kind either. As a matter of fact, a glass of milk contains half the sugar found in a serving of pop. Lactose is also a significant source of suffering for up to 75% of the world’s population.
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Years ago, Coke replaced Sugar with High Fructose Corn Syrup, a synthetic sweetener with possible adverse health effects.
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My gym instructor told me that an Avocado has 20% good fat and 80% bad fat, I found this hard to believe, can anyone confirm this information.
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If you are wondering whether or not milk is a healthier beverage than Coke, the answer is yes. Fewer calories, no unnatural sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup, and much better for your bones.

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