Discuss The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fresh Food/drink Compared With The Processed Once?


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The answer to this question depends on the food or drink product and the degree to which the food or drink has been processed. For instance, some foods, when processed, need many additives and preservatives in order to keep them for longer.

If we take canned corn as an example, during the process the corn would be heated meaning that vitamins would be lost, preservatives would be added to the corn that, although not harmful to humans, is not good and hold no nutritional value. The can could then sit for a period of years not being used with the corn processed to last a long time, and not necessarily hold its nutritional value. If this is compared to fresh corn on the cob, then the corn has more vitamins and fewer additives in, making it far more nutritional.

If we take orange juice as a second example, concentrated orange juice is juice that has been extracted from an orange and dehydrated. The dehydrated juice is then stored or transported and is re-hydrated before being served. During the dehydrating process vitamins and minerals are lost from the juice itself that cannot be restored. By freshly squeezing oranges or buying fresh orange juice, you can be sure that there are more vitamins in the drink. 

Food processing does have its benefits though as many people, including soldiers and astronauts, rely on processed food to be able to survive prolong periods of time. The cans and freeze dried food taken into space are vital for astronauts to be able to live.

In similar ways without the aid of freezers and cans a lot of the food we eat would spoil before we had a chance to eat it, and buying fresh food everyday can be more expensive and time consuming to prepare.

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