Which Frozen Liquid Will Melt The Fastest Water, Milk, Or Gatorade?


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The frozen liquid which will melt the fastest out of a selection of water, milk and Gatorade would be the water.

Why does the water melt fastest?

The water would melt the fastest because it has the most simple chemical bond of the three liquids. Water is only made up of hydrogen and oxygen.

Which liquid would melt the slowest?

Milk would be the slowest melting of the three liquids. It has a much more complex chemical bond, containing proteins, minerals and other substances. It would also take the longest to actually freeze as it is the most dense of the three.

What about the Gatorade?

Gatorade would be the second fastest melting of the three liquids, again this is due to it containing sugars and sodium which take longer to melt.

Variants between milk and gatorade

There is a small possibility that the milk may melt at a slightly faster rate that the Gatorade however this is entirely dependent upon the level of fat in the milk. Fat is more difficult to freeze.

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