Are 'White Castle' Burgers Made With Kangaroo Meat?


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White Castle burger patties are made with 100% ground beef and onions.

In fact, the White Castle brand is credited with revolutionizing the fast-food industry with the invention of the 'slider' beef burger.

Do White Castle serve kangaroo burgers?

If you have a look at the White Castle menu, you'll notice that their burgers come in three different varieties:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Fish
Despite some people criticizing the White Castle chain for the taste and texture of their burgers (hence the rumor that they're made with kangaroo meat), I think they taste great!

White Castle provide a decent and affordable option for burger-lovers, and the chain has contributed to the burger-canon with the invention of the 'slider' - a thin, small, square-shaped beef patty.

What type of burgers do White Castle serve?
If you're concerned about what exactly goes into a White Castle burger, here's the exact cooking method the company use to prepare all their beef burgers:

  • Beef patties are cooked over chopped onions.
  • A process called 'steam-frying' is used, this is where steam rises through the griddle-cooked onions and onto the burger meat (each patty has 5 small holes made in it to facilitate the cooking process).
  • Burgers are topped off with a single pickle before serving (and a choice of condiments are provided).
As you can see, there's no kangaroo involved at any point!
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All I've got to say is that they're yummy and taste like kangaroo meat.
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I just had my first White Castle Cheeseburger in 15 years & I don't remember them tasting SO BAD!

Has anyone noticed there are fewer squirrels this year?

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