How Many Types Of Wheat Are There?


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There is an abundance of species of wheat available across the world. Even these wheat species will vary between botanical classification systems, as will their descriptions. Some of the most cultivated species of wheat include common wheat (the most widely cultivated in the world), durum (second most widely cultivated), einkorn (has both wild and cultivated variants), emmer (cultivated in ancient times but not as much today) and spelt (cultivated in limited quantities). There are also a number of classes that are used in the United States that include durum (a grain used to make semolina flour), hard red spring (used for bread), hard red winter (can be used in bread and with flour for pie crusts), soft red winter (low-protein and used for cakes, biscuits and muffins), hard white (used for bread and brewing) and soft white (low protein and used to make pastry flour).

Wheat is typically classified by considering a number of factors and characteristics. The growing season divides wheat into winter wheat and spring wheat while the gluten content determines whether a wheat species is hard (high protein) or soft (high starch). Grain colour, red, white or amber, can also add the classification of wheat, as can the protein content. The colour of wheat is determined by the phenolic compounds and browning enzymes found within the grains. Red wheat often needs bleaching so naturally white wheat is often more expensive to buy on the market. The protein in wheat can vary from between ten and fifteen per cent, the lowest percentages are found in soft wheat and the higher in hard wheat. Wheat can be classified in terms of their protein gluten. This determines how suitable they are for a particular dish. For example, the protein gluten in durum wheat is not elastic but is strong and is therefore good for making pasta.
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There are several types of wheat, but they all fall into two main categories. These two categories are spring wheat and winter wheat. Wheat is grouped by its growing season. There are about thirty species of wheat, but only three are common in the United States. These three are:wheat.
Durum Wheat - Durum wheat is used in many pasta products because the wheat holds together when made into a paste. It is a spring wheat and grows in Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and southern Canada. Common Wheat - This is also called "bread wheat" and is the most widely grown type of wheat. It can be either a spring or winter wheat. In the United States, it is grown on the prairies. Club Wheat - It can be either a spring or winter wheat and it is closely related to the common wheat. In the United States, it is grown in the Pacific Northwest.
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There are around thirty types of wheat. All the types fall into two broad categories, namely Winter wheat and Spring wheat. As the names suggest, wheat is divided by the season it grows in.

The four most common types of wheat are: Hard red, Soft Red, White and Durum. Each of these types needs a particular kind of climate to grow. Durum wheat is most commonly used in making Pasta. Hard Red is generally used to make bread. The Soft Red Variety is used to make bakery products like cakes, pastries etc.

Each of the above four types can be either spring wheat of winter wheat.
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