How should eggs be added when preparing a cornstarch pudding?


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As can be seen from the recipes given below, eggs can be added to a cornstarch pudding in various ways. In any case, the mixture should be constantly stirred to prevent both the forming of lumps and the setting of the pudding on the bottom of the pan.

  • Cornstarch Pudding One
This pudding is made using a quarter cup of cornstarch and one third of a cup of sugar, which are stirred into two cups of milk, using a whisk. This mixture is then heated until it begins to bubble.

Some of this hot liquid is then whisked into two slightly beaten eggs, followed by pouring this blend into the saucepan and blending it in well with the whisk.

When the mixture begins to thicken, a teaspoon of vanilla and two tablespoons are stirred in. Once at the correct thickness, the pot is removed from the heat and the pudding is ready to eat hot or cold.

  • Cornstarch Pudding Two
Three tablespoons of cornstarch, a third of a cup of sugar and a pinch of salt are mixed together with a cup of cold milk. This mixture is then gradually stirred into hot milk until it thickens.

After separating two eggs, the yolks are mixed with two tablespoons of milk and then added to the hot mixture, stirring continually. A teaspoon of vanilla is added after removing the pan from the heat.

The egg whites are now beaten until stiff, then gently folded into the pudding to give a fluffy texture.

  • Cornstarch Pudding Three
In this version, one egg, half a cup of cornstarch and three quarters of a cup of sugar are combined with a little milk. The mixture is then stirred into one quart of boiling milk. A teaspoon of vanilla is added at the end of cooking.

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