How are souffles similar to puffy omelet's?


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Sometimes an egg soufflé can be referred to as a puffy omlette. In a soufflé the texture is a lot lighter than an omlette and it is a lot more deep or thicker than an omlette as the ingredients are used to make the soufflé rise up when heated. Besides having eggs as one of the main ingredients, there does not seem to be a lot of other similarities between soufflés and puffy omelettes.

• Omelettes are usually considered to be a heavier and more filling meal than a soufflé. In a way, the ingredients used with a soufflé make it seem almost like a type of egg mousse.

• A soufflé is notoriously difficult to get right. How many times have you heard people worry about their soufflé rising in the oven? If a soufflé stays flat and does not rise up during cooking in the oven, then it is not technically an omlette but similar to what you would probably consider to be a puffy omlette.

• Cooking a soufflé requires the cook to have some good cooking skills as getting the dish to rise is quite a big task that does not always prove to be successful for amateur cooks. In contrast, almost anyone would be able to cook an omlette as it does not require a lot of cooking skills or experience in the kitchen.

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