Do Foods Other Than Chocolate, Contain "Mao Inhibitors" ?


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Foods that can react with MAOI'S, or monogmine oxidase inhibitors, are still being discovered.
MAOI's are antidepressants, like Marplan, Nardil,and Parnate, which in the past were used more than they have been recently, due to potentially fatal interactions with foods, that caused them to be removed from the American market.

The interactions, sometimes labelled "the cheese factor", include fermented products, like aged cheese and wine,meat extracts and yeast extracts and beans. These drugs were effective in treating atypical depression, but because of their interactions with some foods, are used only after other tryciclic drug treatments have failed, due to interactions with other drugs and foods.

Recently a patch form of the drug called Emsam was developed, because it doesn't interfere with the dietary tract, therefore avoiding the feared interactions. These drugs have also been used with results, to get smokers to quit. They can react badly, with many other pharmaceuticals however.

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