Is Chewing Gum Made Up Of Seal Blubber?


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Well lets start from here I am researching that right now. But while i9 am lo9okingt my twin will tell you what we were told whenever we asked what it was made from bye.
HI! I am claires twin.
Whenever we asked where or what gum was made from everyone said elephant snot. That s y we don't   chew gum any more well buy here is my twin with the researched answers that may let us chew again! From anne.

Hi its me again (claire) Chewing gum is a type of gum traditionally made of chicle, a natural latex product, or synthetic rubber known as polyisobutylene, which is a non-vulcanisable form of the butyl rubber (isoprene-isobutylene) used for inner tubes or to line tubeless tires. For reasons of economy and quality, many modern chewing gums use rubber instead of chicle. Chicle is nonetheless still the base of choice for some regional markets, such as in Japan.
Hope this helped you a bit.
From the blonde twins Claire and Anne
Happy Nelson Mandela day !!!

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