How Is Chewing Gum Made?


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Chewing gum is made up of gum base (water-insoluble phase) and sweeteners, food colouring and flavouring (water-soluble phase). Different brands of chewing gum have similar manufacturing techniques.

First, they melt the gum base at a temperature of around 115 °C (240 °F). It then becomes viscous like that of a maple syrup. Then, they filter it through a mesh screen. Then, there is further refining where the dissolved particles are separated in a centrifuge and again filtered.

This clear base is poured into mixing vats when it is still hot and in melted form. Now, other ingredients like powdered sugar, glucose or corn syrup, softeners, flavourings, preservatives, food colourings and other additives are added. This mixture is put onto the cooling belts and cold air is circulated to cool this mixture. The gum chunks are undercoated for better binding and coated with glazing agents for colouring.

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