What Does Seasoning Do To Food?


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Seasoning basically adds or improves the flavours of food. It consists of adding spices, herbs, and other condiments to make food more appetizing. Most oriental forms of cooking rely heavily on the use of seasoning, especially spices, in their gastronomy. Some common herbs used include basil, bay leaf coriander leaf (cilantro) oregano and parsley. Some spices include ginger, mustard, nutmeg, paprika, pepper and saffron.

Salt, for instance, may be used in order to draw out water, or to augment the natural flavour of food such that (depending on the dish) it becomes richer or more delicate. Other kinds of seasonings such as pepper and basil impart some of their own flavor to the food.

Infused Oils is another technique of seasoning. In some places meat is seasoned by dousing it with sauce at the table. Thus you will find a wide range of seasoning methods existing across myriad cultures. A well made food dish will make use of seasonings that complement each other.

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