How to defrost prawns and shrimps?


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Leave them for about 2 hours or use the defrost facility on your microwave. If you are in a hurry and have no defrost button, you can hold them under cool running water in a sieve (hot water will cook them a bit, so be very careful about using that - a little is OK).
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There are many methods for defrosting shrimp.
1.Thaw in the refrigerator for approximately
18-24 hours (per pound). This method is recommended to keep the best flavor of the shrimp.

2.  The other method is running under cold water Or thaw under cold
running water.  Be sure to protect the shrimp by putting it in a plastic
baggie or two.

It is important to not have the water run directly on the shrimp.  If the water runs directly on the shrimp you will get soggy shrimp (I know it swims in water but just believe me) as well as the flavor will be affected.

Never thaw using hot water or just sitting on the counter at room temperature. Never re-freeze once thawed.

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