How Many Calories In Applebee's Grilled Shrimp And Island Rice?


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Approx 290 cal
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Applebee's has a new UNDER 550 Calorie Menu as well as a Weight Watchers menu. If you are trying to GO OUT but EAT HEALTHY, these are the items you want. WW items are great for lunch but the NEW 550 items are more like dinner items. I can't seem to finish them. Had the shrimp and island rice for lunch yesterday and it is only 290 calories(approx)! I have to eat out a lot so it is so great to have these options!
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That calorie content link is for an old menu of applebee's. A lot of what's on that menu isn't there anymore like the raspberry cake thing. Applebee's has a below 550 calories section on their menu. My problem is that I have to eat low fat, not low calorie. And calories and fat content can differ so greatly I can't rely on calories alone. I need the fat content but that's a lot harder to find then calories. If I eat anything roughly more than 25 grams of fat I get extremely sick with runs and sometimes vomiting. Not fun.

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