How Do You Make Goulash Soup?


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Hungarian Goulash (Gulyás) soup is a popular meal throughout Central Europe. Part of the reason for its popularity is that it is relatively simple to prepare and is a hearty meal on its own. Goulash was originally prepared outdoors by herdsmen on an open fire. At picnics in Hungary and during the summer it is still very common to prepare the meal outdoors in large pots, using open fires.

The main ingredients in Goulash include beef cubes, carrots, onions, paprika and oil. One can also use any other vegetables as well to prepare the meal, but originally many Hungarians only used beef, oil, paprika and onions.

Allow the beef to brown in a pot with oil, onions, paprika and other spices. Once it has browned, add water and any number of vegetables, including potatoes. One should usually leave the Goulash to simmer for about two hours.

The Goulash soup usually has a distinctly red colour, thanks to the paprika. Once it is ready, it is best to serve it with fresh, thickly-sliced country bread.

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