Any idea how to make soups?


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Open the tin. Chuck it into a saucepan. Add milk or water. Heat.

Easy peasy.

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As soon as the weather cools I make soup at least once a week for dinner.  Love it!!!!

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Cookie Roma
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I make a veggie beef stewp with gnocchi that is soooooooo yummy!!! My favorite this year has been corn and crab chowder. Love it.
Cookie Roma
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It is good. Of course I add bacon to this soup because bacon MAKES IT EVEN BETTER!!
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I love a good multi-bean soup and good chicken vegetable soup ! There are so many recipes online for all kinds of soup. Like a good Lentil soup also. Here is a site with a bunch of soup recipes.

Soup Recipes -

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If you don’t like the idea of a sweet(ish) soup, you might find this recipe I’m going to suggest hard to digest. But as you want to know how to make one I thought I would share some easy recipes. It’s mango soup hard to digest. Visit Living Foodz as I also learn from there for the vegetable soup recipes. Here’s the link:

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