How Many Calories Are In A Rib-crib Crispy Chicken Ranch Wrap?


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Phil Newton answered

There are approximately 550 calories in a single Rib Brib crispy chicken ranch wrap, but that doesn't include any additional calories from side orders and drinks.

If you think that's a lot of calories, you should check some of these monstrous meals out:

Peppercorn burger

The peppercorn burger certainly gets the taste buds tingling, but at what cost? This mammoth burger packs a whopping 3540 calories! That would certainly take a while to burn off on the treadmill.

Chicken farfalle

Although it only appears to be a medium sized bowl of pasta, you'll be consuming around 2500 calories if you opt for this delicious meal.  I'd advise choosing a diet coke on the side of this one!

Peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake

If you fancy a dessert, you may want to think about how many calories that little slice of cake contains.  This delectable treat will cost you 1500 calories for a single slice! It's probably a good idea to refuse the cream!

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