How Many Calories Are In Japanese Hibachi Chicken?


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Of course it depends on where you're eating it, but an average seems to be around 220 calories per serving if you're talking about a microwaveable option.
If you're eating in Hibachi House's 145g serving of Hibachi chicken and rice has 200, which includes a very modest 1.5g of fat; a pretty healthy choice if you're looking to watch your weight.
If you're dining out it's going to be a lot more as a restaurant won't really care about calorie count, just taste, unless it's a healthy eating outlet of course. As an example, Shogun's Hibachi Chicken with vegetables and fried rice comes in at around 520 calories for its one cup serving. They're simply trying to make the food the most appetizing they can, so won't be using healthy oil options or other calorie reducing ingredients.
The word hibachi simply means that the food is cooked on the grill in front of you, so it's not a specific taste or ingredient as such, although it is usually a healthier option from the menu. If you are eating out at a Japanese restaurant and you'd like to keep the calories low why not try some edamame (steamed soybeans) to start, maybe a bowl of miso soup and then have the hibachi salmon (or another fish) with vegetables as a main? This will be a really low calorie intake (for eating out at any rate) and they all taste fabulous.
To be honest, it's not hard to find great tasting, healthy food in a Japanese restaurant. The Japanese style of cooking and the choice of traditional dishes are very healthy anyway. Just stay away from anything that says tempura (deep fried) if you're really that worried and enjoy!
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According to most web sites the rice is 470 calories for an 8 oz serving.   7 oz serving of the hibachi chicken is 353 calories.  5 oz vegetables 62 calories.  885 for meal without soup or salad or drink.  (This is a rough estimate)

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