What Does A 4 Oz. Portion Of Chicken Look Like?


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Trying to show you the size will be a rather difficult task, however you can view some photos that roughly show how large a 4oz portion of chicken looks like at
As you can see, a 4 oz portion of chicken will be around the size of an adult's palm. It can also be compared to the size of a deck of playing cards. Chicken can be very dangerous to a person's health if it is not properly cooked. Also when preparing raw chicken it is always important that you thoroughly wash your hands before touching any other food or surfaces.

When cooking chicken, always try and slice it into small evenly-sized pieces. This way all the chicken will cook at the same speed and you can easily tell if there are any pink bits still needing cooking. You should always make sure the chicken is 'browned' off before any sauce or additional ingredients are added to the pan.

If you are cooking chicken in the oven then before serving it up, cut into the middle to make sure it is completely white. If there are any pink bits left then it needs to go back in the oven for a few more minutes.
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Well it's very difficult to actually show you what it looks like, obviously. However, if you want to gain a rough idea, you can convert the unit of measurement into something that you would recognise, for example grams. For instance, one oz. Would equal approximately 28 grams. Hence, 4 oz. Would be equal to approximately 113 grams. Using the definite metric measurement though, one oz would be equal to 25 grams whereas 4 oz would be equal to 100 grams.

To really get a proper idea, you can get one oz of chicken and have a look, you will then know what 4 oz looks like. To know more about converting weights and other measurements for food ingredients, visit the following link -

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