Do You Like Granola Bars?


13 Answers

Brandi lol Profile
Brandi lol answered
I love them. when i had braces i couldn't eat them for almost 3 years and but the time i got them off all of my favorite stuff was discontinued.
Katey Hurtman Profile
Katey Hurtman answered
yesenia delgadillo Profile
Not really i, tried one and it taste so dry
Winter Profile
Winter answered
I really like granola bars. They are so scrumptious. I especially like them with chocolate chips.
Mati green Profile
Mati green answered
Granola bars are alright.... I like them.. But I always keep trail mix in my book bag for mad munchies in the middle of
Sarah Klimko Profile
Sarah Klimko answered
I have to agree with you, I do not care for either one. I would rather have cereal or a fig newton if I had to choose similar foods.
Laura Smith Profile
Laura Smith answered
 tiggers, i used to eat them a lot esp ones with a yogurt topping. But lately, they don't appeal to me. Maybe i ate too many !!

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