If We Were At A Cocktail Bar, What Would You Order?


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Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Nothing, considering I am not old enough to drink.
Michelle Phy Profile
Michelle Phy answered
Probably just a coffee.
Merlin Paine Profile
Merlin Paine answered
A Bass Pale Ale with a glass and a shot of Goldschlager
Mark Brookshire Profile
Mark Brookshire answered
Ice water or coke. No alcohol for me...
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
Probably a Shirley Temple or, if it's cold out, a hot
buttered rum without the rum.   I don't drink with
the meds I'm on.  When I did, I was the cheapest
drunk in town.   I'd take two drinks and get a buzz.  
People say that the alcohol doesn't hit that fast, but
with my experience, I have to disagree with them.
About half way, I get sleepy and by the end of that one
(and only drink), I'm ready for ni-ni.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I love drinking lemon coke or fruit juice, they are so tangy and delightful to the taste buds. I am also so in love with whiskey, brightens up my day.
Mike McCarthy Profile
Mike McCarthy answered
Just pop for me. However, my limit is is 2. If I drink more than 2 in one evening, I'll get drunk. That's right, I can get drunk on pop. It's happened to me once when I was 7.
Deemarcas Day Profile
Deemarcas Day answered
I'd have one black Russian, then Kahlua on the rocks for the rest of the time. Maybe a water in between drinks
Karen Profile
Karen answered
Um, a cocktail, of course and maybe the bartender to go with it!!! No, not really..I am NEVER in bars.
Adrienne Carlson Profile
If I'm in a mellow mood--a glass of merlot.  If I'm feeling more expansive, I appreciate a shot or two of Knob Creek whiskey.

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