How To Make Pasta In Indian Style?


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Here is your answer, bro.

This will make pasta for two-three people:

Half packet of spaghetti – 8oz
¾ bottle Ragu (small) – 10 oz
3-4 table-spoons Alfredo
10-15 medium sized brown mushrooms
1/3 teaspoonful of curry powder
1/8 teaspoon of gram masaala, that is just a hint of it, for too much will result in a strong garam masaala taste…)
1-2 (medium sized) cloves of garlic
½ - 1 medium sized onion
½ teaspoonful of white salt
½-1 tablespoonful of oil
1/8 teaspoonful of red chili powder - if you like
1/8 teaspoonful of black salt
about 15-20 grains of cumin seeds

Method: You should be preparing Pasta and the sauce simultaneously.
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Boil your noodles. When cooked strain, and let stand.

In the sauce dice tomatoes.
Tomato paste
cajun spice.
Dice onions.
Dice green peppers
diced cooked ground pork
cook together in a skillet and to the noodles.
Add salt and or peppers to taste.
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I don't know Artsiders,but i loved the sound of Scrooge and Wjthunder1s recipes.I'll have to try them .

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