What Do Labels Such As Farm Fresh And Free Range Eggs Actually Mean?


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Free range is where the animals are allowed to roam freely instead of being contained in any manner.
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I don't know what Free Range eggs are, but I think I know Farm Fresh. They mean it's fresh just out of the chickens in the barn [farm]. I've heard this type is rare to find, though.
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Just attempts to capture our money.
They mean very little and they matter even less.
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Just like Demosthene said....Just a ploy to empty our pockets faster, really. If we all believe that garbage, we're gonna go broke in no time.
The truly "Farm Fresh" egg, is one where U can take it directly from underneath the chicken's butt !! Do U have a local farm where U can do that ? I have a friend who raises chickens, so yes, I actually can get "Farm Fresh" eggs.
"Free Range" as they say....is exactly how we described above. The chickens aren't totally "Free" to roam around, as they want us to think...They just get close to doing that. And "Close" only counts in horseshoes !!
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Well farm fresh means it just came like it fresh
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Farm fresh sounds like a bogus misnomer to me, like labeling honey as "organic" (since ALL honey is organic...), free range is also something of a sinister misnomer, at least in how the USDA define and enforce the label. For farms in the US, free range only applies to poultry, and it only means that an animal has been allowed access to the outside, not that they are free to roam about and live in an open coup. Over all though, GVP is right. Using these terms and others like "all natural" (hey, cyanide is natural too) are just ways to jack up the price and make us think that we are buying higher quality products.
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Free Range Means It's Not Stuck Inside Close Quarters  Farm Fresh Is Like They Came From A Poultry Farm. I Grew Up With Farmers. Free Range Is Supposed To Be Better For You Because Its Outdoors Not Cooped Up
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From farm fresh I think they mean the said goods are not coming from a storage/cold storage etc. They are coming straight from the fields to the store.
And I haven't heard about free range term probably because I have not explored non vegetarian food much.
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Farm fresh i think those eggs which are kept in machine to give them heat for a cute chicken to come out, And free range eggs are those on which hen sits n gives heat for a cute chicken to come out.

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