How do you have your coffee, and what do you think that says about you?


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Lily Bradic answered

I usually don't want to wait for my coffee, so like Dan, I'm using instant coffee at the moment!

I do make real coffee too, and I went through a phase of only being able to drink that. I can see that happening again, now I'm no longer in a rush in the mornings...

I will admit to having Starbucks, Costa, Caffe Nero, and campus cafe coffee cards. I usually go for an americano, sometimes with milk — it depends what mood I'm in, really.

I don't really like lattes with flavoured syrup as they're far too sweet. Cappuccinos seem like a lot of air and not much substance, and I'm very picky about the chocolate/coffee ratio in my mochas!

I am very fond of Starbucks' light frappuccinos, too — especially the caramel one and the peppermint mocha one. Last summer I spent far too much money trying to find the best combination of syrups for the ultimate frappuccino, and came back to the caramel and the mocha with peppermint, in the end. Strawberry mocha was just strange (there's probably a reason that's not on the board)!

What Does This Say About Me?

I'm not sure, really — probably that I'm impatient, considering speed is a factor in both instant and take-out coffee. It also shows that I'm willing to spend a ridiculous amount of money on something that I'll drink in ten minutes.

Ridiculous, to be honest, when I think about how much I'm willing to spend on coffee, yet I'm still reluctant to waste money on buying a's probably because coffee is always satisfying, whereas sandwiches are usually disappointing. I'm probably just trying to justify my spending here!

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Dan Banks , Coffee addict., answered

I love fancy coffee (especially Mochas!) but more often than not I'm far too lazy to make it, or skint to buy it, so usually I just stick with the instant stuff. My typical cup of coffee would be two teaspoons of instant coffee (usually Kenco Millicano), with two teaspoons of sugar and a little bit of milk.

I don't usually think about what this says about me, but on reflection I guess it shows I'm pretty common! Oh well.

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Generally make it at home with fancy creamers. I used to hit Starbucks daily in my prior life.

What it says: I've become frugal?'

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