What's the best dunking biscuit?


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Yo Kass answered

Chocolate fingers and shortbread are technically the best biscuits to dunk in tea.

They are the biscuits that manage to maintain their integrity the longest when dunked in a cup of tea.

I would recommend checking out the The Great Tea Times Biscuit Dunk Test of 2013 to see how they managed to work out which biscuits keep their shape best in tea, but just to summarise, here's the top 5:

  1. Chocolate Finger (5mins+)
  2. Shortbread (2mins 56sec)
  3. Chocolate digestive (43 secs)
  4. Malted Milk (33 secs)
  5. Oreos (30secs)

If you ask me though, any biscuit that is dense enough to not absorb too much liquid when dunked is pretty much ok. The main thing you want to avoid is things like Rich Tea Biscuits, or you end up with chunks of mushy biscuit at the bottom of the mug

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Dan Banks answered

I'm afraid it has to be the hobnob for me. Not only are they extremely tasty, but they can take plenty of dunking! The digestive comes in at a close second but I think this video best explains why the hobnob is the undisputed dunking king...

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