What's the tastiest new food you discovered recently?


3 Answers

Cathy Tavares Profile
Cathy Tavares answered

Am being in love with food from Nepal :) It's just great.

Nikki Ridgerider Profile

As a snack, I discovered craisins with juice from other fruits infused into them! Ex. Cherry Juice Infused Craisins. But, if you were asking me about a meal at a restaurant, I found Avacodo Eggrolls, with a dipping sauce (don't even get me started on that dipping sauce! XD) that is sweet and tangy. Maybe I should be a food critic...8p

shampa sahay Profile
shampa sahay , Party snacks, answered

Paneer Skrewer with peanut dip is an amazing combination I have recently explored. Here, Paneer (cottage cheese) is mildly sweet and slightly hot in taste. Peanut dip is a unique blend of peanuts and coconut milk. It is slightly sweet but awesome flavored.

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