Can cooked bacon be left unrefrigerated?


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The USDA Food Safety
and Inspection Service states that you should not allow your food to cool for
more a period exceeding ½ hour before you refrigerate it, whether it is cooked
or not and this is the same with cooked bacon.

How long cooked bacon can stay outside the fridge

The moment the bacon
has cooled, it should be placed in an area that is 40F or below within two
hours. Keep in mind that freezing the food doesn’t kill bacteria, but it does
prevent it from reproducing and causing you to become ill.

If your bacon has been
stored in a warm room for more than two hours, it is usually best to throw it

Remember, packaging
your food will keep it from becoming contaminated by outside elements, so be sure
to place your leftovers in airtight bags. 

remember the golden rule – if in doubt, throw it out!

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