I have low potassium. Checking health food store and vitamin sections of stores, most I find is a pill with 3% daily value (of FDA daily recommendation??). Why? I am sure I am not supposed to eat 33 a day.


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Who said you have low potassium?

Anyway - eat a banana or two, that will help.

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You do not want to over do potassium with supplements. If your doctor was worried enough he would prescribe it for you. Too much can be fatal and damage your kidneys which is why you don't see high amounts as supplements. Food rich in potassium is ALWAYS better than pills unless prescribed. Sweet and baked potato bananas plums raisins and orange juice is better please don't use supplements of this particular mineral
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@jewels 385 mg per 100gm, Apparentlty only Kiwi fruit and Guavas have more.
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