How many essential nutrients do we need?


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lousen sen , Healt Nutritionist, answered

Rather than how many.. You have to focus on what is essential nutrient that the body cannot synthesize.

A key supplement is a supplement that the body can't integrate all alone - or not to a sufficient sum - and must be given by the eating regimen. These supplements are vital for the body to work legitimately.

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Arran Alston answered

is difficult to categorize how many nutrients our body need, however we can
find out what are the most vital nutrients that we need. The three basic
nutrients are carbohydrate, protein and fat; besides that our body needs
vitamins and some minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iodine etc.

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Ignacio Sports , ignaciosports, answered

It is impossible to count that how many nutrition we need, you should just focus on your diet. Eat healthy nutritional food and avoid junk food, sweets.

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