Which national fried chicken chain has the best chicken?


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I'm only familiar with two, Kentucky Fried and Popeye's. I've had both and prefer Popeye's the best although I haven't eaten fried chicken in quite a few years.

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I have tried both KFC and Popeyes, and must say I preferred Popeyes. But, we have visited the South US and had real "Southern Fried Chicken" in several states, and the fast food joints just don't measure up to the real thing.

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To be honest with you? I won't eat any of the chicken from these places and have tried some of these places. I just don't eat fried food too very often but I found this site with the best four. Not sure if I agree but hopefully one of them is one you like ! :)

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los pollos hermanos!

Seriously though, I have only eaten from kentucky fried chicken and that was ages ago.

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