What's your Favourite Cuisine?


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I like the Mediterranean Cuisine - great variety & flavors, it's healthy, and you still get tasty fun stuff like pasta and pizza.  😋

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Ancient Hippy answered

Good old fashioned Mrs. Hippy (my mom) cooking. Meatloaf, American spaghetti, stew, roast turkey...and her cookies. My mom made the BEST cookies.

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Ancient Hippy
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My daughter has all of my mom's recipes and is going to put them together in book fashion for the rest of the family.
HappyTo BeHereTo
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I did that for my family with Grandma's recipes! She was 100 when she passed in 2005. I laminated the originals for myself. Most don't have measurements. They're just an ingredient list to "add to taste."
Ancient Hippy
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That's exactly what my daughter said. She asked me how much is a little bit, a pinch, a dash, an eyeball full, a spoonful, etc.
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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Italian, like me ! Love good Cioppino !

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Mexican is my favorite; we have so much great Mexican food in SoCal; burritos are my favorite even if I can almost never finish a whole one lol. And anything involving guacamole is great :)

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I love almost all kinds of food, but I think my real favorite is good old fashioned comfort food .... Like roast beef with mashed potatoes & gravy, or chicken & dumplings, or stew & cornbread.

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Matt Radiance answered

Italian please !

Spaghetti all the way! Nothing can beat this! Why Italians done this magic whyyyy! ?

L'Italia ha creato la magia con il cibo

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