What Does Cuisine Mean?


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Cuisine is a term which means and relates to restaurants, native cuisine (that is, the staple cuisine of a particular country or region) and food markets. Cuisine is also the practice, manner or method in which food is prepared, and it can also refer to the food so prepared itself.

A cuisine is a specific set of cooking instructions, practices and methods. It is often associated with a place or country of origin. The word cuisine itself is derived from the French word cuisine. The word cuisine in French means culinary art, cooking or kitchen. This word, in turn, is derived from the Latin word coquina, which also means the same. It is derived from the Latin verb coquere, which means to cook.

The religious laws prevalent in many countries of the world are quite rigid. They also influence the native cuisines of many countries of the world to a large extent. A cuisine is mainly influenced by the locally-available ingredients, but is also sometimes influence by some ingredients that have been imported from other parts of the world.
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The meaning of cuisine is your cooking style or the style prepared by a restaurant. A style that is recognized for high quality..
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Kinds of food. Recipes.

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